Why The Name LuLus?/Our Family


LuLu started her journey to us ten years ago. She was found as a pregnant, stray frequenting a business in Bakersfield for food scraps. She was taken in by an animal rescue group and gave birth to a litter of tan and black American Bulldog/Retriever mixes. LuLu and her 5 boys arrived at our pet store to get adopted right before Christmas. Her puppies quickly found their forever homes, unfortunately, people weren't as willing to adopt an adult.
Since she was a stray no one knew LuLu's story, but we could tell she had a rough start. She was severely underweight, had scars on her body and was scared of so many things (men, water, cars and doorways to name a few). However, even with all of that she was still so sweet. She had a fanclub of people who wanted to adopt her, but it just never seemed to be the right time to adopt for the people who loved her.
At that time a lot of people were looking for Bully Breeds in the Pacific Northwest. So, many rescue groups were working together to transfer dogs there where they would get adopted quicker. LuLu had the opportunity to get on one of these transfers and we were so happy to see her go and get the chance she deserved at finding her forever home.
About a week after she left we found out that there was a snag in her transfer and she was waiting in a boarding facility in LA. We couldn't handle the thought of that dog sitting in a kennel alone so we arranged for her to be brought back to our pet store. It didn't take long after she was back for us to realize she was our dog.
Her first night at our house was better than we could have ever hoped for. She got along great with all of our other pets and seemed to fit right in. So we made it official, and Pearl (aka Mama) joined our family and became our pink piggy LuLu.
She found her forever home with us in Kentucky. She lived out her days playing tug-of-war with her little brother Ollie, rolling in the bluegrass at the Boone County Arboretum, and wallowing in streams at Idlewild and Middle Creek. She went on big adventures around Kentucky and even to Tennessee and North Carolina; always hanging her head out the car window so her ears and jowls could flap in the breeze whenever she had the opportunity. She sunbathed on a pontoon boat in Cave Run Lake, KY and even got to see two baby bears (from the safety of a cabin) in Gatlinburg.
LuLu conquered her fears and truly lived her best life. We're so happy she found us ten years ago and we will never forget her.
Our Family